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Reed Holmes

Reed Holmes is a first year student at Northeastern University who grew up in New Jersey on Schooley’s Mountain, where the winters came with plenty of snow. He invented SpinMail in the fifth grade for Invent America after watching a snowplow knock over a few mailboxes on his street. His idea was to develop a ball-bearing device that allowed the mailbox to swivel on its post. After developing a prototype of SpinMail, the invention was a success and Reed was a finalist in the competition. After further refining the design Reed entered SpinMail in the Young Inventor competition at his new school, Bernardsville Middle School, and became a finalist in the competition. SpinMail was well received not only for its ability to withstand snowplow abuse, but also for the protection it offered homeowners whose mailboxes were on busy streets.

In Spring of 2007 Reed was one of the top finalists in New York City for the 2008 season of ABC’s American Inventor television series. This was out of more than 600 inventors who pitched their ideas. Although he didn’t end up winning the competition, Reed did manage to get a brief cameo appearance on the prime time program.